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Digital Marketing is an essential part of today’s marketing strategy. It helps you build a better relationship with your customers and prospects, and it allows you to get familiar with the marketing channels. It is crucial your team get with the right digital marketing training. You can build a promising career in digital marketing with the well guided training.

Certify & Excel

Achieve industry recognition through successful completion of tailored tasks. Elevate your career.

Hands On Learning

Students are expected to produce actual works in the class with trainer supervision to get actual result.

10 Years of Experience

Our seasoned trainers possess extensive expertise in digital marketing and continue to serve numerous SMEs and MNCs.

Our Course Offerings

Certification in Digital Marketing

Certification in Digital Marketing

6 Days classes

You will learn how to build website, rank your website with SEO, creating digital content for marketing, social media marketing, and Facebook and Google paid ads.

Digital Marketing Course Penang

Sales Funnel with Digital Marketing

2 Days classes

Learn how to use digital marketing funnel to create awareness, engage with your prospects, getting leads and eventually convert your leads and customers; ultimately making them your fans.

Affiliate Marketing Learning Camp

12 weeks classes

Building a business in Affiliate Marketing; and generate passive income without worry about stocks, customer service and also delivery. An excellent ways for generate extra income stream.

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Why Learn Digital Marketing?

Lead Generation

Generate Leads from Digital Sales Funnel

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, all so many more are responsible for driving good traffic onto your website. 

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Digital Marketing gives you a huge scope and a multitude of job options right in front of you. 

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

You can take a look at what your competitors are doing and analyse their strategies with online analytical tools. This will help you to come up with better strategies for success.

Digital Skill

Digital Skills Gap

There is an enormous demand for people with digital skills. Even if you’re not a complete techie, you’ll have a look at the foreseeable future of Digital Marketing.

Establish Your Authority in The Industry

Digital marketing can help you establish yourself as an authority on topics related to your product or industry. With this kind of influence, you will be able to attract more readers and customers.

Popular Courses

Certification in Digital Marketing

6 Days class

Certification in Digital Marketing

Certification in Digital Marketing will help you to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, how to build a website that appeals to Google, understand SEO and give your business an edge when competing for customers’ attention online. This training not only provides information on what works online today but also empowers participants with knowledge about how social media is changing their jobs, careers and lives.

12 week clasS

Affiliate Marketing Learning Camp

In just 12 weeks, students gets to learn to build blog, video and also joining affiliate program to generate part time income.


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 6 Years

With passion of impacting knowledge in digital marketing, we strated this training company 6 years ago.

Over 1,000 Graduates

Our graduates has been able to utlised thier skills for their works and also creating online businesses.

Real World Case Study

Actual case study will be discussed in the calss for better understanding.

Qualified Trainers

All of our trainers are HRDF certified.

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

We know it can be tough to get some time away from the office, but don’t worry – we offer online training for those who prefer learning at home. You’ll have access to both live ZOOM sessions with video tutorials so you never miss out on anything important!

About US

Our Story

Digital Marketing Networks is a Malaysian company with the sole aim of providing digital marketing training for students and professionals. We have been in business since 2015, and we are currently based in Penang. Our primary goal is to provide an excellent practical learning environment for our clients so that they can get a feel of what it’s like working in this industry.


Companies Served


Job Placements


What Our Students Say

My first learning about the digital marketing Bob Lay was one of the trainers.I like his English and systematic teaching 😀.-clear !
He gave us multiple strategies for marketing. And he always gave quality work and information.


Becky Tang

Business Owner, Hong Kong

Very professional team. The instructor is very helpful and very experienced in what they do. Totally recomended training centre for digital marketinglaughing

Norashikin Hashim

Marketing Manager


Frequently Asked

What are the requirements to learn digital marketing?
If you have Minimum knowledge to browse the internet is enough to learn.
Who should enrol in the digital marketing course?
  • Graduates
  • Business owners
  • Web Designers
  • Web Marketers
  • Professionals in their early career
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Looking for New Business opportunities
  • Job seekers
  • Full time freelancer
  • Entrepreneurs
What if I could not catch up with the training?
We provides colourful notes and also video for you learn at your own time after the class. On top of it, you could join private WhatsApp Group and also Facebook Group where you will get help from the trainers.
If you attend online classes, you could review the recording of the classes too.
Is Your Program HRDF Claimable?
Yes, our Certification in Digital Marketing is registered with HRD Corporation, hence it is claimable.

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